University Heights: A San Diego Smorgasbord of International Tastes

Jason Belangoy
Jason Belangoy
Published on October 26, 2017

University Heights is a quaint, lively San Diego neighborhood renowned for its dynamic medley of restaurants and cafes.  Part of University Heights’ charm is the host of international dining that can be had here.  Revitalization efforts in recent decades have spurred the growth of many University Heights establishments, and if you ever feel you want a miniature foodie tour of the world, just head to University Heights to satiate your palate.

Soltan Banoo.  Ever wanted to try Persian cuisine?  Look no further than University Heights’ celebrated Soltan Banoo.  Sumptuous décor and mouthwatering dishes spellbind customers into thinking they’ve gone on some magical carpet ride to that Ancient world that even Alexander the Great could not resist.

Muzita Abyssinian Bistro.  Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine are delectably presented at Muzita Abyssinian Bistro.  This University Heights gem offers savory morsels rich in vegetables and exotic flavors.  Don’t forget the crown jewel of Abyssinian dining – the delightful tangy taste of injera bread!

Jaynes Gastropub.  What’s a “Gastropub”?  According to their website, “A Gastropub is essentially a British pub… with a much-improved kitchen and menu.”  So, if you fancy something British, this is the place to be.

Red House Pizza.  The AWESOME thing about Red House Pizza is that their menu has a plethora of gluten-free options!  Sure, you can get the regular menu as well.  But for those who have been searching high and low all over the Greater San Diego region for a reliable pizza place that offers gluten-free food, University Heights’ Red House Pizza is the place to be – pronto!

Meraki Café.  Meraki Café’s website explains that the name “Meraki” comes from the Greek language.  It translates as:  “to do something with passion, love, or creativity; to put something of yourself into your work.”  What’s great about Meraki Café is its numerous healthy food choices – amongst them are Gluten-Free Waffles, Kale Lime Caesar Salads, Mango*Chutney*Avocado Artisan Sandwiches, as well as an entire menu section devoted to Acai Bowls.

Pop Pie Co.  If your belly’s hankering for artisanal pastry perfection, then University Heights’s Pop Pie Co. is the hangout to visit.  Pop Pie offers comfort food at its best with its selection of savory meat pies, tasty vegetarian and vegan pies, as well as sweet dessert pies.  They even have PieScream flavors that take a la mode to a new level.  Besides, with a company motto like ‘In Pie We Crust,’  Pop Pie certainly has customers craving for more!

Hanna’s Gourmet.  Hanna’s Gourmet is unique for offering a constantly changing “World Tour Menu” – providing customers with samples of regional dishes from around the world.  Customers are thereby always pleasantly surprised by what’s new on the menu.  The versatility in cooking skills and variety of plate offerings makes this University Heights restaurant a customer favorite for those with ‘adventurous’ tastebuds.

Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant.  If you are ever super-hungry, go to University Heights’ Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant.  You will not be disappointed at all!  The ambiance and décor add quite the authentic touch.  And, of course the real show-stoppers are all the appetizers, entrees, and desserts.  The generous portions lure customers for repeat patronage.  Of course, what makes Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant the Holy Grail of University Heights’ restaurants boils down to the richly intoxicating blends of aromas, ingredients, and flavors for a flourishing finish.

Sabuku Sushi.  If you are thinking Sabuku Sushi is just like every other Japanese sushi place, you’d better re-think that.  Sabuku Sushi’s menu is incredibly creative, even experimental.  They have, for instance, burrito-sized sushi rolls – why hadn’t anyone ever previously thought about melding the two until now?  If you’re wanting a low-carb option for sushi, try Sabuku Sushi restaurant’s other creative masterpiece, the Protein Roll!  Even their desserts are clever concoctions – just like their Tempura Fried Ice Cream, which is “ice cream surrounded in pound cake [subsequently] dipped in tempura batter and fried [then] served with caramel and chocolate sauces.”  Presentation is key, and University Heights’ Sabuku Sushi restaurant has that mastered with its novel approaches to sushi arrangements and combinations.

BONUS:  The Annual ‘Taste of University Heights’ Event, sponsored by the University Heights Community Development Corporation (UHCDC).  Since 2005, the University Heights Community Development Corporation (UHCDC) has hosted the ‘Taste of University Heights’ – a culinary arts celebration that provides samplings of all the tasty delicacies that University Heights’ diverse restaurants have to offer.  Visit their website here to learn more about this highly-attended phenom.


University Heights: A San Diego Smorgasbord of International Tastes
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