Tips on Beautifying Your Staircase

Jason Belangoy
Jason Belangoy
Published on January 30, 2018

To breathe new life to your your home, consider beautifying your staircase with some decorating flourishes.  Read further for some tips on how to make your home’s staircase stand out — not only for your family and friends to enjoy, but even for potential homebuyers.

Decorate the walls surrounding your staircase.  You can have family photographs or a gallery of artwork featured.  And, if there are alcoves nearby, leverage them by placing decor pieces like sculpture, flower vases, or keepsakes.

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Accentuate the tread of your staircase.  The tread is the space where one steps on.  If your steps aren’t carpeted, have the tread be a different color from the staircase frame.  Some folks who renovate oftentimes opt for a wooden tread to give a more cozy feel.  If you have carpeting, however, consider utilizing colors that would differentiate the tread either from other treads or from the rest of the staircase frame.

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Decorate the risers.  The risers are the vertical sections that form the space between each staircase step.  Decorating the risers can make a staircase interesting and unique.  Inspirational phrases can be placed onto the risers.  Of course, the more traditional route is to paint the risers a different, yet complementary color from that of the tread.  And then there are those who incorporate a geometric design that matches the decor of the rest of the house.  Besides paint, there are stickers and removable wallpaper as options to have when decorating your staircase risers.  As shown in the illustration below, some removable wallpaper are entire works of art or photographs that can then be placed on the staircase risers for added eye-catching appeal.

Carpeting or runners (even painted runners) can add more to a staircase.  Everyone understands how carpeting can enhance a space, which is why carpeted staircases have been a trend for quite some time.  For those who want to be more conservative in their investments, runners are a viable option.  And, if you just don’t want the hassle of vacuuming a carpet runner, there’s always the choice of painting a runner onto a bare staircase.  It will be unexpected and thereby full of good humor and practicality.  

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What about some LED lighting on the staircase?  Some renovation ideas include having LED lighting on the staircase.  Not only is it more energy-efficient, but it’s also highly practical.  Of course, research what LED staircase lighting options there are — and always check about permit regulations as well as homeowner association stipulations.  The nitty-gritty on those might be important, particularly if you live in a historic home.  Hence, always do your due diligence research before embarking on a renovation project.

Decorate the handrail and baluster each season.  The handrail and baluster can have garlands placed on them.  Winter isn’t the only time to festoon the staircase with decorations.  Rather, you can be inspired by the season’s of autumn, spring, and summer as well when decorating other aspects of your staircase.  Besides seasonal inspiration, you might also consider monthly themes, especially when paired with the holidays — e.g. February 14th, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, even Independence Day.  Then, too, your kids can likewise join in on the staircase decorating spirit by having themed projects, like Back-to-School, where they, too, can have their input on how to beautify the family staircase.

Tips on Beautifying Your Staircase
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