Feng Shui Your Home in Preparation for Thanksgiving Guests

Jason Belangoy
Jason Belangoy
Published on November 14, 2017

It’s the season to celebrate gratitude, especially for the blessings received during the year.  That means it is also prime time to be mindful of your home’s feng shui energy.  Essentially, feng shui is the art of arranging your home space harmoniously to encourage the arrival of prosperity.  According to feng shui experts, Thanksgiving’s spirit of gratitude and abundance can be enhanced in the household with some tweaks to one’s décor.  Interest piqued?  Read on for some feng shui tips to ring in your Thanksgiving holiday.

How to Create Good Feng Shui with the Five Feng Shui Elements

Good feng shui is about removing stagnant energy – so make sure your home is clean and decluttered before guests arrive.  A clean home is like a clean slate that opens up to good energy flow.  Moreover, when you declutter your home, you unblock the obstructions that interfered with your home’s energy flow and balance, in turn, allowing for bountiful wonders to permeate your living space so that it is brightened with uplifting cheerfulness.

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Remember to have good feng shui begin at your home’s entrance.  Have a well-let walkway to your front door, a well- lit porch, and a well-lit foyer.  Lighting is inviting.  And, when you combine it with ambient tones, rather than garish ones, you’ll make your guests feel welcome.  Besides light, make sure there’s nothing blocking the pathway to your front door nor anything obstructing your porch or foyer.  The openness is symbolic of welcoming grace and blessings into your abode.  Then, too, have the aromas of home-cooked meals or seasonal treats wafting through your house so that when guests arrive, the scent of comfort foods will give them a sense that your dwelling place is a loving home.

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Feng shui your living space to emit a cozy, comfy vibe.  When you invite guests, you have in mind the areas where you would entertain them – the living room and the dining room, mainly.  So how can you add feng shui enhancements to these areas?  Fresh flowers and live plants help provide a festive ambiance.  And, with the harvest season in full swing, consider decorating with pumpkins, gourds, acorns, wheat stalks, and pinecones.  At the heart of it, bringing nature indoors gives added vibrance to the home, which is great feng shui.  Additionally, the presence of fruits and vegetables on display in a cornucopia invites health and longevity to your home’s atmosphere, which is a very nourishing feng shui concept.  Similarly, choosing soft-textured furnishings – be it plush pillows, comfortable throws and blankets, hygge-inspired items – make the room more receptive to “soft” feelings of warmth, kindness, and affection.  Of course, make sure the décor pieces you choose are harmonious (and don’t clash).  Harmony in décor color and texture is soothing and thereby minimizes any possibilities of squabbles amongst guests, say feng shui adherents.

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When entertaining in the dining room, remember to encourage harmonious seating.  While autumn season translates as football season, Thanksgiving shouldn’t be entirely spent in front of the television.  Instead, the dining room dressed up in banquet style is recommended as the primary focus for Thanksgiving celebrations.  Round, oval, curved dining ware is encouraged because this allows for better feng shui energy flow.  Regarding seating arrangements, make sure there are enough chairs, dining ware, and space for guests and their unexpected invites.  Children can be seated at a table of their own, thereby allowing the grownups to mingle and converse easily.  While there are traditions that can be observed, remember that convenience can often trump tradition to minimize disruptions.  You can, for instance, keep families together so that spouses are together and parents are near their children – and yet, seat compatible families with one another so they can still socialize.  Remember that left-handed guests have to be accommodated so that their elbows don’t interfere with others.  And, it is very important to make note of your guests’ health considerations.  Should there be diet restrictions, know this beforehand in order to prepare appropriate foods for these eventualities.

Encourage your guests to show gratitude.  As part of the dining room conversations, you can ask guests to share what they are thankful for.  You can likewise compliment each of your guests in turn about something you appreciate about them, informing them, too, of how grateful you are to be enjoying Thanksgiving with them.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving abundance, feng shui’s prosperity philosophy says that “What you have, you will get more of” – hence, having good friends celebrate Thanksgiving with you will lead to more of them in your future.

Provide each of your guests a Thanksgiving gift.  Do something extra for your guests that they might not expect.  Ideas include a batch of cookies wrapped up in preparation for the upcoming December holidays, a piece of artwork for your guests to take home as a gift, or even a framed photo of your friendship.  Spreading good cheer during the Thanksgiving holiday is warmly hospitable and will endear you to your guests so that they remember you for winter’s gift-giving season.  After all, good feng shui is all about increasing abundance in your circle.


Feng Shui Your Home in Preparation for Thanksgiving Guests
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