6 Tips for a Trendy Bedroom

Jason Belangoy
Published on March 16, 2018

6 Tips for a Trendy Bedroom


New trends in bedroom design have begun to take center stage. There are some fun elements you won’t want to miss if you’re looking for an update or want to show off your bedroom at its best.

Begin with the Bed – Four Posters and More

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom. Bed frames with structural style like four posters are making a comeback. Four poster minimalist design features have made their way to the forefront of modern design. Whatever style of four poster bed you choose, it will be making a dramatic statement The bed frame isn’t the only part of the bed making some changes. Mattresses have come a long way in recent years. With the increase in home retreats and spas, mattresses have followed suit with many mattress companies creating a lifestyle that promotes luxurious sleep. If it’s been a few years since you got a new mattress, now might be the time to start looking.

Industrial Design

Industrial design has seen an upsurge in popularity in the last few years, and it’s finally made its way into the bedroom. However, industrial doesn’t have to mean cold. Concrete walls, a new trend in and of itself, can be softened with a white, cloud-like bedspread. Metal nightstands, lamps, and pendant lights all add to the industrial feel of a room. Reclaimed wood can bring industrial undertones but with natural materials that create a sense of warmth. This trend, when used correctly, creates a stunning room you won’t want to leave.

White with a Twist

White never goes out of style. To become trendier, white is mixed with different shades – like beige, creams, and other off-whites – to give dimension in a room. It will also be used as a blank canvas for art in the bedroom. Large, colorful artwork makes a stunning statement in an otherwise, stark room. The trick is to use the color in ways that create layers, texture, and dimension. Using white in versatile and subtle ways is what you’ll want to do to stay on target with your style.

Mid-Century Return

Leave the go-go boots and disco balls for another year. Mid-century furniture pieces from the 60s and 70s like dressers and nightstands are gaining popularity, but they’re being used in different ways. You don’t want to create a completely matching set of mid-century furniture. Instead, a single piece paired with modern benches, lamps, and artwork provide a structural element in the room.

Catch Up on Geometry

Possibly playing off of the growing popularity of the mid-century design aesthetic, geometric shapes have returned. Circles, triangles, and unusual shapes like hexagons are showing up in accent pieces and lighting. This is a trend for those looking for something a little different. Perfectly round pendant lights against a wall with unique angles make a stunning backdrop. Geometric shapes can also be used with natural materials like wood to soften any sharp angles or edges.

Disappearing Headboards

Headboards are growing smaller and slowly disappearing. Designs with a low profile or no headboard at all are showing up and bringing a new sense of creativity with them. Artwork and detailed wallpapers are replacing where the headboard used to have prominence. Depending on how it’s used, this trend can make the bedroom feel modern and luxurious or cozy and casual.

6 Tips for a Trendy Bedroom
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